Dear California Community College Physical Education colleagues,

I would like to welcome you back to the fall semester and hope that things are off to a good start for a productive, successful, and fun year. It’s that time again when we visit the idea of joining up for the California Community College Physical Educators (CCCPE) membership. We are in desperate need of a renewed interest in our state organization, and I would like to encourage you, and your entire division, to please consider joining this year as a measure of recognition of the high importance and value we place on our profession.

Why do we need to improve membership numbers?

The most immediate problem we are experiencing at a state level is the lack of opportunity to communicate with other community colleges regarding current physical education matters and issues. Without a place for statewide collaboration, we all miss out on the opportunities to network and learn about new programs, ideas, and lesson plans that are flourishing and bringing a positive light to our discipline. However, unfortunately, the absence of a collaborative relationship throughout the state also leaves us open to isolation and potentially combating issues on our own. With your membership, we can instantly improve collaboration and increase our networking through attendance at the CCCPE bi-annual meetings.

What were the CCCPE membership numbers for 2014-15?

Institution Memberships   =  9 total North = 2 South = 7

Individual Memberships   = 19 total North = 12 South = 7

This breaks down to 9 colleges and 19 individuals for the entire state.

What are the benefits when you join?

The CCCPE Executive team is currently developing a Membership Drive Plan for 2015-17 (MDP 15-17) and one area we are working on is a list of items for our meetings:

  1.  Addressing and tracking the effects of No Repeatability
  2.  Discussion for a common list of 3 SLOs for Intro to Kines
  3.  Current issues surrounding the Kines major as it continues to rapidly change
  4.  Developing ideas for new fitness programs and highlighting some of our colleges as model programs
  5.  Developing ideas for new A.A. degrees in health and highlighting some of our colleges as model programs
  6.  Dropping numbers of our future physical education teachers in our classes. How can we help? Why are students NOT wanting to be PE teachers
  7.  Hear reports from the Cal State Kines Depart Chairs meeting
  8.  Learn about the benefits of joining Cahperd (Calif Assoc of Health, Phys Ed, Rec, Dance)
  9.  Learn how to present a lecture or activity session at Cahperd
  10.  Discussion regarding all of our different division names, should we try to get a little more unified for marketing our discipline
  11. Opportunities to share your ideas or concerns in a place where you can get results
  12. Annual awards and recognition opportunities at the end of the year
  13. Networking with old friends and meeting new people who share your passion 
  14. Encourage adjunct teachers to join, attend our meetings, network, get involved
  15. Remain current with our statewide issues and report back to your division

What are the fees? Who can join?

Institution / All College Membership $400

Full-time Faculty $ 50

Adjunct Faculty $ 30

Adjunct Coach $ 30

Administrator $100

Staff $ 20

Retirees $30

How does your school or you join?

Go to the CCCPE website at

Click on membership in top menu bar

Click on Download Membership form

Fill out form

Send form and check to Nicholas Podesta, CCCPE treasurer at the address on form

When do CCCPE meetings take place?

We have two meetings a year with one in the fall and one in the spring. The CCCPE meeting is held in conjunction with the CCCAA – Athletic Director’s Conference. Every year one meeting will be in the north and one in the south.

FALL 2015 CCCPE Meeting:  Wed, November 4, 2015

2:30 pm – 4:00 pm

Double Tree by Hilton, Sacramento, CA

*Agenda to follow soon

Thank you in advance for your consideration in joining CCCPE this year. We have a lot of work to do in the next two years and I am excited to get started. Imagine if every college in the state sent only one person to the meeting—we would have 100 people in attendance. What if two or three came from each college? Think of the unlimited possibilities we could accomplish with all of us in one place at one time.

See you there.

Debbie Jensen

President, CCCPE

Professor of Physical Education

Cerritos College